Dr. Linda Zanin and Dr. Qing Zeng from the George Washington University (GWU) School of Medicine and Health Sciences, along with Jennifer Ushe and Laura Evans, educators at TC Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, will speak to the lessons learned from an educational collaboration. The collaboration between GWU and TC Williams began as a year-long biomedical informatics project between the GWU Biomedical Informatics Center and Mrs. Ushe’s biotechnology class. Through developing a public-private partnership, we are able to create unique opportunities for both students and teachers. This panel will discuss the development of this partnership and will provide tools for creating and maintaining successful collaboration between secondary and collegiate programs and how this partnership has evolved into a health sciences academy. The academy provides students with unique opportunities to earn college credits and skills needed to further their education or enter the workforce. Additionally, the panel will showcase the need to expose students to careers in health and medical sciences, specifically those of critical need, during their formative years. Most importantly, the panel aims at triggering more discussion on the role of an interdisciplinary approach in secondary education and its impact on both students and teachers.


qing zeng (Presenter)
George Washington University

Jennifer Ushe (Presenter)
TC Williams High School

Laura Evans (Presenter)
TC Williams High School

Linda Zanin (Presenter)
George Washington University

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