What are you going to do with all of that information you learned at this conference? Travel home and forget about it? NOT! Taking a cue from GenX and Millennials digital and peer-to peer learning preferences, we have a closing session that focuses on YOU. Come prepared to discuss with your peers the most valuable parts of the conference. Reflect and explore how to apply the ideas that you have learned. Recap and revise how you may do things in the future.   


An outline of topics to be covered.




Have a brief and complete review of highlights of the conference. This can include a summary of key volunteers / influencers at the conference to briefly reflect on their most important ideas learned and what they want to do differently. 




Share in small groups and via social media. Social media can be anonymous (www.backchannelchat.com) or identifiable (Twitter).


  1. Brain dump: What have I learned? What can I do differently in the future? What ideas will I seek additional information on?
  2. Priority list:
  3. a.    Here are the 3 most important ideas I've learned…
  4. b.    Here's what I'm going to do differently when I get back to the office…
  5. c.    Here are the 3 ideas I should look for more information on going forward...
  6. Accountability buddy: Because we do not ever really work alone in education… Who will you check back with in x weeks regarding accomplishments of y and z?



Stephen Johnson, PhD, Professor, New York University School of Medicine/NYU Langone Health System

Suzanne Boren, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Missouri

LaVerne Manos DNP RN-BC, FAMIA, Clinical Associate Professor and Director, KUMC Center for Health Informatics/KU School of Nursing