Health Informatics is an inter-disciplinary endeavor that has a strong element of team working, as colleagues from diverse fields collaborate to deliver digital health. This requires educators to be conversant with the key ideas and the academic practices of the different disciplines on which health informatics draws, and typically, to be expert in at least one application area within the field. These requirements can prevent academics who focus on education from achieving goals required for career advancement in academia. Informatics is not as widely recognised as other medical disciplines or other careers such as biomedical research and clinical care, which can also limit recognition.

This workshop will explore frameworks and strategies for career progression as academics with a focus on health informatics education and collect and share evidence to support career advancement and recognition. The workshop will be delivered in three phases: (1) exploration and round-table discussion of competency frameworks and skills for health informatics educators; (2) collection of relevant evidence to support them; (3) development of personal plans or plans for development of colleagues.

At the end of the workshop participants will have gained a better knowledge and understanding of how to develop their own career (or the careers of others) and the skills required and how to develop them to progress as a health informatics educator.

Round table discussions focussed on competency frameworks and skills for health informatics educators will be collected and reported back to the participants following the workshop.

The workshop will be led by two of the UK’s health informatics educators who have focussed their career on teaching and scholarship in health informatics. They are responsible for developing their institutions capacity in health informatics and health data science education and also lead the capacity building for the UK’s national institute.


Georgina Moulton (Presenter)
The University of Manchester

Paul Taylor (Presenter)
University College London

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