Program evaluation is a cornerstone of curriculum management. Educational theory usually includes evaluation in curriculum development and maintenance. Systematic program evaluation is expected for federal T-mechanism funding, graduate medical education, and informatics program accreditation. Yet, little has been published regarding application of general educational program evaluation frameworks, models and methods to Biomedical and Health Informatics degree programs.
This workshop will cover program evaluation frameworks and models from the education field with a firm focus on their application in Biomedical and Health Informatics graduate degree programs. Models considered and used by the speakers will be shared. Similar experience will be solicited from attendees. Qualitative information, process metrics and outcome measures used in the models by the speakers will similarly be shared and solicited. Workshop participants will work individually or in groups to select an evaluation model for use with educational goals from their own program. Desired and hard to measure outcomes will receive dedicated group discussion with a focus on data sources and methods for ascertaining information on hard-to-measure outcomes such as job placement and career transitions for all graduates and progression toward academic independence for doctoral program graduates.
The workshop will be led by faculty from three Biomedical and Health Informatics graduate programs (the authors) to drive a focus on pragmatic program evaluation strategies, models and measures. Leading indicators for formative assessment, program management and curriculum maintenance will be shared and solicited as well as outcome measures.


Meredith Zozus (Presenter)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Harold Lehmann (Presenter)
Johns Hopkins University

Jessica Harlan (Presenter)
Johns Hopkins University

Tremaine Williams (Presenter)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Eta Berner (Presenter)
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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